heART journal Course Trailer

About this course:

heART journals hold the stories of your life.

They are packed full of photographs, paint, quotes, ticket stubs, recipe cards, childhood memories, manifestations, washi tape, maps, coasters, postcards and so much more!

In this course you will learn how to pull the details out of your life and into your heART journals.

I will share with you techniques, supplies, tips and examples and you will get to see me create 4 journal pages start to finish.

It is art journaling meets scrapbooking meets storytelling meets absolute delight and I can't wait to share it with you!

If you have a box full of memories or a phone full of photos... an unfinished baby book or a wedding that never was documented.... you don't know here to start or you think you aren't creative enough... Let this be the first step!

Variety of Art Supplies

"Mod Podge, and Gesso and Prismas... oh my!"  Follow me down the yellow brick road of Art supplies, where we dabble a little bit in everything...A list of every supply I use will be provided... you may also find yourself in the Emerald City of art supply Oz and realize that sometimes the best supplies are the ones you already have.....

4 Complete Journal Page Walkthroughs

Something Old:

Learing to journal something from your past that may not be fresh in your mind.

Something New:

Journaling in present time. Pulling details from your day.

Something Borrowed:

Here we will be journaling someone else's story/perspective.

Something You:

Here we journal just for you. A vision board. A manifestation. Here is where you create for you.

Access to a private online community

Join me and all heART journal students in a private Facebook group and continue to share and be inspired. Use hashtags, upload work and ask questions. I want to see what you are creating!

Choose a Pricing Option

Come create with me!

It doesn't matter if you have never journaled a day in your life, or if you journal every day.. there is something here for you. Put on your comfiest pjs or your favoritest dress and lets start CREATING!!!!